Welcome to NPHEA!

North Peace Home Educators Association (NPHEA) exists to help home schooling parents in the Peace River Area by relaying community information that is relevant to a home schooling lifestyle and to connect like-minded families for encouragement and support. These connections provide opportunities to learn together and to make use of community activities and programs.

Join Us!

Membership fees for the 2017/2018 school year are as follows:
– $30 for new members,
– $30 for returning members before October 31,
– $60 for returning members after October 31.

Please  * click here *  to fill out the registration form.

After you submit the registration form you will be sent an informational email which includes details of how to pay your fees.

Why join NPHEA? Membership Benefits:

– addition to the private group email list as well as the opportunity to join NPHEA’s private Facebook group
– member-organized field trips and other member-planned learning and social activities
– member-planned events that connect families such as the Kick-Off Event in September, Year-End Wind-Up BBQ, and weekly park playtimes during the summer
– free weekly skating during the winter and fall, and spring session swimming lessons, gymnastics, and bi-weekly time at the Field House which includes soccer
– learning & sports opportunities with Heritage Christian Online School
– a member directory
– Scholastic book clubs
– mentorship and support

* Parents are always responsible for their own children. Events may have limits to the number of participants, age restrictions, and/or have participation fees. Some events may not happen during any given year due to circumstances outside of NPHEA’s

Questions? Comments? Ideas? Concerns?
Please feel free to email NPHEA at npheaexec@yahoo.ca.

Homeschooling F.A.Q.’s

For more information regarding home learning in BC, laws, options, and for a list of schools to register or enrol with, please click here.